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Our software is based on open systems architectures and operating systems. This open system middleware approach enables easier hardware tech refreshes and is supported with off-the-shelf and optimized libraries, debugging and diagnostic tools, development kits and software accelerators.


Diagnostic Support Tools Software

Diagnostic Support Tools (DST)

  • Software suite for robust subsystem Built-In-Test during system boot and application execution
Simulation and Verification Software

Simulation and Verification Environment (SVE)

  • SVE for end-to-end FPGA application modeling and verification
Software OpenFDK


  • Optimized infrastructure IP to abstract lower-level hardware details and system utilities for FPGA integration and control
Software Multicore MathPack

MultiCore Plus MathPack

  • MultiCore Plus MathPack with MC SAL, MC VSIPL, SAL, VSIPL single-core libraries and CSAL


EnsembleSeries Open System Architecture, embedded processing building blocks.

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