Mission Computing & Avionics

Mercury Mission Systems’ expertise and experience in safety certifiable solutions has been built on successful execution of dozens of programs over three decades. This domain knowledge is the foundation of our BuiltSAFE™ modules, systems and software for avionics, communications, video servers and mission computing. Our latest rugged safety certifiable building blocks have backwards compatibility and are designed with a top-down approach for interoperability and ease of pre-integration.

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Key components used in our BuiltSAFE solutions are carefully selected for determinism, performance, reliability and sustainability. CPUs and other critical devices may be mounted to mezzanines to ease future tech refreshes and re-certifications. We commit to maintain and support established products and facilitate migration to new product generations with full backwards-compatibility.

To extend product life we have developed multiple management techniques including stocking, multi-sourcing and utilizing FPGAs to mitigate specific device dependence. Whatever your strategy, we are at your side to extend the lifetime of your solutions.

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