Resmini XR6.


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Data Center in a Briefcase

可以在剧院中举办敏感任务并在几乎任何电源上运行的战术云,Resmini XR6包装单一英特尔®Xeon.®可伸缩的处理器与28芯插座15lb subrack form factor. An optional FAA-compliant UPS power case provides over 100min of autonomous operation, while expansion slots and multiple I/O offer operators maximum configuration versatility for current and future operations.

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  • 单个英特尔®Xeon®可缩放处理器,最多28个核心
  • 高达384GB的GB DDR4 ECC和240TB存储
  • Up to 2 PCIe 3.0 slots
  • MIL-STD:810G,901D,167-1
  • FAA兼容UPS Power Case选项
  • Single Intel® Xeon® Scalable Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum CPU with up to 28 cores
  • 高达384GB的DDR4 ECC内存

Management and Operating System

  • Windows®,Linux®,VMware®和其他虚拟机管理程序
  • IPMI v2.0,Redfish选项可用


  • 最多2个低调,半长PCIe 3.0卡
  • 4 fixed fans

Input/Output Versatility

Front Access

  • 8 Removable, Hot Pluggable, 2.5" SATA/SAS3 drives

Side Access

  • 1电源开关
  • 2 10GBase-T Ethernet Ports (RJ45)
  • 2 USB 3.0.
  • 2 USB 2.0.
  • 1 IPMI 2.0
  • 1VGA Graphic Port

Rear Access

  • Single 110/220V VAC (50/60Hz, 400Hz)
  • Single 18-36 VDC, 32 Amps
  • 单一9-18 VDC,74安培


Environmental & Mechanical



  • 温度:0°C至50°C
  • 延长温度:-15°C至65°C
  • Humidity: 8% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Shock: 3 axis, 35g, 25ms
  • Vibration: 4.7Grms, 10Hz to 2000 Hz (SSD)


  • 温度:-40°C至70°C
  • 湿度:5%至95%(非凝结)


  • 高度:4英寸(102mm)
  • 宽度:13.5英寸(343mm)
  • 深度:11英寸(273mm)
  • Weight (Typical)*: 15lb (6.8kg)

* Mercury Systems designs all products to meet or exceed listed data sheet specifications. Some specifications including I/O profiles, weight, and thermal profiles are configuration dependent. Contact Mercury for information specific to your desired configuration requirements.

Operate Anywhere. Everywhere.

The RESmini can operate on almost any power source, including batteries, and be safely transported back home. 10GbE ports, expansion slots and multiple I/O offer operators maximum configuration versatility for current and future operations. The RESmini operates in 0°C to +50°C temperatures, with greater temperature extremes available for special configurations. Advanced thermal and mechanical design features provide superior resilience to shock, vibration, dust, sand and temperature extremes. For applications that require autonomous operation, an optional UPS Power Case can provide over 100 minutes of autonomous run-time, enabling operation in virtually any power environment.

Autonomous Operation

The RESmini can be fully integrated within a FAA Carry-On Compliant UPS Power Case which provides for over two hours of independent operation without a power source. Designed by Acumentrics™ to be completely autonomous and flexible, the system automatically adjusts to the AC power on hand and can also run on a 12/28 volt DC power source commonly found on an aircraft, military vehicle or light commercial vehicle.

  • UN-DOT 38.3 for FAA compliance
  • Military Standard Specifications: MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD 461


Streamlining Diagnoses and Treatment for Communities in Need

Processing and storing data from vital medical imaging equipment running in over 30 underdeveloped countries, our data center in a briefcase is helping RAD AID speed up diagnosis and treatment for critical illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and maternal-infant complications. Portable and powered via battery, our RESmini functions in remote locations even those that lack reliable power. With 8 storage drives, the system can save thousands of patient images, allowing radiologists to serve multiple patients at once.


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